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The Problem

In North America, multi-unit housing providers in the private and public sectors lose billions of dollars annually from professional tenants who defraud and/or abuse their tenancies, unfortunately decreasing the quality of life in several ways, such as; property reputation, good residents becoming dissatisfied and move, disturbing trusted staff to the point of employment termination and generally disrupting the landlord's rental business. These are just some examples of the effect a professional tenant may have on an unsuspecting community and whose access and use demands close scrutiny. It is a documented fact that trusting your gut feeling, when deciding on which applicant to choose, is responsible for over 30% of the quantifiable losses of rental property assets. Some technically knowledgeable tenants even know how to cover up their activities and change their personal identities.

The Solution

EvictAlert, as part of the Tenant Check information, displays as a message. EvictAlert protects your rental property assets by providing ADVANCE-WARNING, by reporting any upcoming legally ordered eviction enforcement. EvictAlert enables businesses, non-profits, government agencies and all rental housing providers to deploy the very best in tenancy applicant screening that reports records in a secured file format, capturing the enforcement of an eviction Order BEFORE IT TAKES PLACE, as well as providing reports for your use. EvictAlert's advance warning works instantly on the Internet unlike any other screening service there is. EvictAlert complements traditional credit reporting solutions and significantly reduces the potential for misuse and loss of valuable tangible and intangible assets. For the best protection order a Tenant Check with EvictAlert today.

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