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Goals and Objectives - About Us

We will strive to become the recognized and trusted leader in North America for providing Tenant Management services to the rental housing industry. To be recognized for our quality of service and products and for providing true satisfaction to our members, partners and suppliers.

Goals and Objectives:
1. Enhance services and promote goodwill.

  • Deliver quality innovative services wanted and needed by our members.

  • Determine the best times and locations to deliver both primary and specialty services.

  • Identify and implement best business practices to provide the types of services needed at the appropriate times and locations.

  • Continually increase our emphasis on risk prevention.

  • Develop true tenant-scoring taking into effect rental history trade lines and credit history.
2. Membership enrollment.
  • Maximize membership enrollment.

  • Use enrollment as a tool to optimize service delivery.

  • Create the desire for prospective customers to enroll with us.

  • Create the desire for all our members to use our services.
3. Maximize Access.
  • Continually identify and eliminate barriers to access.

  • Comply with state-of-the-art access standards.
4. Promote Informatics.
  • Develop and use information that supports, enhances and measures our services, performance and outcomes.

  • Develop and use information that supports, enhances and measures enrollment and marketing.

  • Develop and use information that supports, enhances and measures access.
5. Continuously Improve Quality.
  • Continuously monitor and improve member satisfaction.

  • Identify and meet or exceed quality benchmarks for tenant management services.

  • Use outcome measurement as a gauge of the quality of delivered products.

  • To process applicant-to-tenant leases in record time using automated adjudication.

  • To develop a predictive product to identify tenant-worthiness, the quality and the potential loyalty of applicant tenants.
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Our people and their education are the intellectual capital of our company. High quality education of our people translates into greater professional achievement and excellence in customer and member care. We will educate our people to the fullest extent of their capability, enhancing their professional lives, the lives of our members, and the reputation of Rent Check Credit Bureau. Through education, we will prepare the next generation of Rent Check leaders.

Goals and Objectives:
1. Become the company of choice for graduate students in the property management, sales and marketing and information technology business.

  • Enhance educational opportunities.

  • Improve quality as measured by outcomes in these programs.

  • Encourage and recognize achievements and scholarly activity.

  • Aggressively market our preventive programs.
2. Improve the quantity, quality and outcomes of our internal training programs.
  • Identify and implement required training.

  • Develop effective alternative methods of training.

  • Optimize resources for training.

People are critical to accomplishing Rent Check Credit Bureau's mission. Their professional needs must be satisfied. Their work environment must be challenging and supportive, providing clear objectives and valuing the contributions of all. Effective communication, teamwork, respect and outstanding leadership must reinforce their commitment. The entire staff is the umbrella team composed of smaller, multi-level and multi-dimensional teams working toward the primary goals of the organization.

Goals and Objectives:
1. Communicate Effectively.

  • Encourage exchange of ideas and open, honest feedback.

  • Ensure staff understand and support the vision, mission and objectives and their role, responsibility and accountability for accomplishing the objectives.

  • Communicate on multiple levels: upward, downward and laterally throughout the company team.
2. Cultivate Teamwork.
  • Increase the use of integrated teams.

  • Give every member of the team the tools and training to excel.

  • Recognize and reward effective teamwork, innovation and creativity.
3. Enhance Job Satisfaction.
  • Solicit and use input from stakeholders for management decisions.

  • Ensure a working environment of mutual respect and cooperation for all staff.

  • Promote professional growth, development and provide opportunities for enhanced skill utilization.

  • Maximize opportunities for recognition, promotion, career progression and retention.
4. Improve Staff Quality of Life.
  • Improve and enhance the physical surroundings of Rent Check to promote a sense of well being, both at work and at home.

  • Actively pursue health and preventive medicine for our staff.

  • Identify and pursue quality of life initiatives for our staff.
5. Celebrate the Rent Check Lifestyle.
  • Promote pride in our roles as Rent Check staff and cultivate a strong sense of the roots and principles of Rent Check.

  • To be inspired by our member's testimonials.

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