Rent Check Credit Bureau - News Release

Rent Check would like to update its customers on the following recent developments: July 31, 2003

  1. Rent Check responds with NO-COST National Registry
         Rent Check is responding to feedback from members with respect to the establishment of an industry wide rental-history registry. Rent Check’s answer to the number one concern - now members would be supplying information to Rent Check and Rent Check benefits the most by selling it back to the industry. In that regard, Rent Check through its IT efforts has enhanced its member supplied data, Program Goldstar by offering full use of its established National Rental-History Registry (NRHR) system at no cost. The only requirement is that members report all residents on a regular monthly basis by electronic transfer of information between Rent Check and the member. Rent Check has designed several other methods for members to supply information but the zero-based pricing only applies to electronic transfers.
         Other enhancements coming include, the ability to report commercial tenants, a facility to enter and print termination notices and legal forms for Ontario and eventually across Canada, the release of ten (10) simple Tenant Rating codes to expedite rental application adjudication, and a new Tenant Report format all provided to members at no extra cost.

  2. Rent Check Credit Bureau operations review is completed for Compliance under Federal Privacy Legislation.
         Rent Check Rent Check firstly revised its consent statements satisfying the legislation, as all licensed national Credit Bureaus were required to do, by January 1, 2001. Rent Check has now concluded its final revisions to make current its compliance with Canadian privacy legislation, including the new Personal Information and Protection of Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This legislation (which is scheduled to apply to all commercial activities across Canada as of January 1, 2004) regulates the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in the course of commercial activities.
         The compliance review of consent statements on our documents such as the Residential Rental Application form and the Third Party Use & Disclosure statement is completed. In advance of the proposed requirement that all commercial organizations be subject to the new privacy legislation (PIPEDA), including landlords of all types, by January 1, 2004, Rent Check has taken steps to provide its members with the compliant language which can be found on our website or by calling 1.800.661.7312 ext. 227.

  3. Twelve (12) Parties file Appeals - Optimism for Successful Outcome is High
         Twelve parties including Duty Council and Tenant Activist Groups are seeking to obtain bulk information from The Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal (ORHT) regarding proceedings before the ORHT. It is cautiously expected that the IPC decision respecting these appeals will be handed down successfully this fall and requests to the ORHT will follow. We will keep you informed.

If we may be of further assistance or you wish to discuss any aspect of our plans, please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone at 416.365.7060 / 1.800.661.7312, by fax at 416.365.1987 / 1.800.871.3380 or by email at

Sincerely yours,
John Dobrowolski
President & CEO

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