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Rent Manager and Rent Check form partnership


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RENT MANAGER and RENT CHECK form strategic alliance

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - November 2004 London Computer Systems Inc., the creators of Rent Manager, and Rent Check Corp. form an alliance to provide customer convenience through access to one central, integrated online database increasing efficiency throughout the organization.

Rent Check is excited about the integration of Rent Manager and its Goldstar tenant histories for residential and commercial tenant reporting. The integration eliminates double entry, offers a fast, cost-effective way to verify information about an applicant before granting tenancy by providing online access to Rent Check's national rental-history system, Goldstar, as well as access to both national credit bureaus (Equifax and TransUnion). In addition, the integration will provide a simple, efficient method for housing providers of all types, to contribute rental-history to Goldstar known for its ever increasing records of the best tenant ratings.

"Clearly this demonstrates our continued commitment to developing innovative and quality services that enables our customers to be more responsive," said John Dobrowolski, President and CEO of Rent Check Corp.

Rent Manager includes a completely integrated accounting system that allows you to track every financial aspect of your business. Unlike off the shelf accounting programs, Rent Manager was designed specifically for the Real Estate Property Management Industry. An ideal program for Management Companies, Landlords, Apartments, Manufactured Home Communities, Single Family Homes, Associations, Commercial Properties and Mixed Portfolios.

The most effective industry trend today is toward one central internet tool that enables and empowers organizations with operations insight to create significant efficiencies.

Scalable for operations of any size, Rent Manager can be purchased by the rental unit, as an unlimited rental unit version, a'la cart, or as a web-based system. With customers ranging in size from 10 units to 20,000 rental units, rest assured it will conform to your business model.

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About Rent Check Corp. (RCC)

RCC Corp., the leader and largest rental-history reporting company in Canada, provides the housing industry with access to retrieve and contribute national rental-history information, with program Goldstar. Founded in 1976, Rent Check is the only online renter credit risk avoidance service in Canada specifically designed for tenancy grantors and their customer tenants. Rent Check's information services help businesses to increase net operating income, avoid risk, and improve operational efficiency for products and services sold to renters while empowering tenants with a new credit tool. Rent Check is headquartered in Toronto, ON Canada with a sales office in Ottawa, and services customers internationally.

About London Computer Systems Inc.(LCS)

LCS, Inc. is a leading provider of software and billing solutions to over 6,000 customers in the Real Estate Property Management Industry in North America. For over 21 years Rent Manager has helped property managers and owners efficiently and effectively manage both their properties and finances. LCS Inc. head office is located at 1007 Cottonwood Dr. Loveland, Ohio 45140.,Tel: 800-669-0871 / 513-583- 1482, Fax: 513-583-8736 For further information on Rent Manager software or services, visit Rent Manager's website at

RC Corp.

John Dobrowolski
President & CEO
phone: 416-365-7060/800-661-7312

LCS Inc.

David Hegemann
President & CEO
phone: 513-583-1482/800-669-0871

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